RotoLyzer® Licensed to NEL ASA

The transaction to purchase RotoLyzer license was completed on 30thof September 2015. In this transaction NEL ASA the world leader in electrolysers purchased RotoBoost H2AS.In this transaction NEL will utilize the Rotolyzer technology and develop it into a commercial product. The patents still remain with Rotoboost AS.

The technology has the potential to open up new market segments for NEL and provide an ideal solution for hydrogen refuelling stations and industrial locations where space is limited.

Rotolyzer High G conditions ensure a cost effective and a compact design:

- Optimal production and flow of hydrogen and oxygen
- Increased active area on electrodes
- Efficient gas-lye separation & short distance between electrodes

Since it is provided in a compact pressurized stack
- There is no need for 1st stage compression downstream
- The cell works as a centrifugal pump – no need for alkali pumps

Due to these features the technology is revolutionary and has potential to reduce the footprint of the entire electrolyser plant by more than 50%.