RotoBoost is an innovation company located in Bærum, Norway

We are currently developing prototypes utilizing artificial gravity from rotation to enhance efficiency in ultra-compact designs. Our patented technology spans from hydrogen production to heat and pressure generation, with more to come. The extreme G-forces inside rotating devices (100.000’s of times higher than the “One-G” condition on Earth) makes it possible to compactify our devices and thereby increase the efficiency and the footprint several orders of magnitude.

We are cooperating with several Norwegian R&D communities, including HiT. We have received public R&D-funding in six different projects from Transnova, Oslofjordfondet and VRI-Vestfold.

  • The RotoLyzer®: Our rotating water electrolyzer for hydrogen production is designed for FCEV refueling stations, funded by Transnova. The rotation removes the gas-bubbles from the electrodes, circulates the liquid (lye) and compresses the gasses (H2 and O2) in one single, ultra-compact device. The technology is licensed to NEL ASA.
  • The RotoHeatPump®: The rotating heat pump is funded by Oslofjordfondet. The G-forces hydrostatically compresses two gasses, thereby increasing the temperatures. By heat exchange to the cooler gas, we get a hot and a cold side after decompression.
  • The CO2-RotoBooster®: Uses super-critical CO2 as working medium, and burns methane (or any other hydrocarbon) in pure oxygen, producing CO2 and water vapor. The high pressure gas-mixture is run through a turbine, generating work, and the (liquefied) water and excess CO2 is released. We thus have an extremely compact engine and CO2-capture to pressurized, liquid or solid state.

RotoBoost AS invites partnership for commercialization of our products

We are currently looking for strategic partners in the process of commercializing our products.

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